Astro-Fix  Locator
Digital Setting Circle System
Provides calibrated information of telescope altitude and azimuth
Astro-Fix Locator
The flexible digital setting circle system for Deepsky Objects
Astro-Fix Locator is a stand alone unit using the latest microprocessor and sensor
technology. It simply fixes to the telescope tube with velcro and provides calibrated
telescope altitude and azimuth information.
Use in conjunction with your laptop or PDA running your favourite astronomy software to
find deep sky and other difficult to locate objects FAST.
Astro-Fix NMS
Astro-Fix NMS  
For Dobsonian,  Altazimuth and
Unaffected by ferrous materials.

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Astro-Fix RMS
Astro-Fix NMS remote az sensor  
For Dobsonian Telescopes.
Remote azimuth sensor.
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Dell Axim  running Pocket Stars
provides a good graphics interface.
Simply select the desired object on the
screen and then set your telescope to
the required Alt/Az coordinates which
are displayed on the Astro-Fix.
Below is a list of some of the objects located and observed using the Astro-Fix.
Average time to locate is about 1 minute
10" Dobsonian mount telescope
20mm wide angle eyepiece  - 1.25"
DELL AXIM PDA running Pocket Stars
Astro-Fix Locator
Location: Brighton UK

Viewing area severely restricted by trees,
buildings etc.
Objects located:
M1 Crab Nebula
M3  Cluster
M13 Hercules Cluster
M31 Andromeda Galaxy
M38 Cluster
M53 Cluster
M94 Spiral Galaxy
M103 Cluster
NGC457 Cluster
NGC559 Cluster
NGC663 Cluster
NGC869/884 Double Cluster
NGC2168 Cluster
NGC2099 Cluster
Objects located:
NGC3992 Spiral Galaxy
NGC4244 Galaxy
NGC4258 Spiral Galaxy
NGC4449 Galaxy
NGC4565 Spiral Galaxy
NGC4559  Spiral Galaxy
NGC4631  Spiral Galaxy
NGC4826 Blackeye Galaxy
NGC5005 Coma Cluster
NGC5055 Sunflower Galaxy
NGC5194 Whirlpool Galaxy
NGC6371 Galaxy
Owl Nebula
Eskimo Nebula
Beehive cluster
Ring Nebula
Dumbell Nebula
Catseye Nebula
Blinking Nebula
various stars etc
If you are interested in deep sky astronomy,  Astro-Fix can dramatically shorten
your search time giving you more time for observing.
Having found your object, you might want to take a photograph of it.
The Astro-Fix
MicroTracker for Dobsonian Telescopes allows you to track
for a short period of time making it easy to take photographs of deep sky
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